Craft Ideas for Beginners

You might have realised that people are attempting more and more DIY projects.  The increase could probably due to people who are stuck at home during the COVID-19 lockdown or are looking to venture into small online businesses for additional income.   

Crafting is relaxing and takes away stress from the crafter or artisan.  The sense of satisfaction is unspeakable when the craft work takes shape.  The efforts you put into the process from designing to making the craft are rewarded with a beautiful piece of craft product made by your own hands.   The happiness amplifies when the end product becomes an invaluable gift for your loved ones.   Needless to say, these feelings of satisfaction and happiness improves your mental health. 

However, like many others, you probably have no idea where to begin if you have not already been crafting.  Here are some craft ideas you can consider to start with.   


1. Candle Making
Making candles is not difficult, you will just need to have the proper supplies and equipment to be sure that you are being safe and making quality candles.  DIY candle making kits are available on most online shop.  They are usually pre-packed for beginners.

2. Pottery
A therapeutic craft that you can even do this at home using clay materials that can be baked in your kitchen oven.  There are many blogs and videos showing how small clay products can be made from household ingredients and equipment.    

3. Sewing
People sew aprons, kids’ clothes, handkerchiefs, tote bags, coasters, face masks, etc.  These products are washable and re-useable, and have become popular for those people who support recycle and re-use. 



4. Knit / Crochet
Using needles and yarn to form stitches or loops and turn balls of yarn into knitted wear, gloves, shawls, scarfs, blankets, keychains, bags, and many more.   Some feels that crocheting is a therapy itself.

5. Jewellery Making
If you fashion jewellery and always out to searching for unique pieces, you might want to consider making them yourself.  Handmade jewellery simply assembles existing materials (chain, wire, beads, etc) using pliers, glue, wire cutters and jewellery hammers.  You could also attend courses (available online and in classroom) to help you get started. 

6. Patchwork
Patchwork is more of a design than a craft.  It is the technique of sewing pieces of shaped fabric, usually of mixed patterns, colours, and/or textures to form a larger end product.  Patchwork quilt or blanket is the traditional patchwork product, but such design is common in clothes, bags and interiors. 

7. Decoupage
This is probably by far the least expensive craft to start with.  Decoupage is the art of decorating an object by gluing cutouts from napkins, magazines or fabric prints onto the object.  You can create unique prints on the items you have at home.  

8. Woodwork
Woodworking is a skill of making items from wood.  From small wooden tools to furniture, thousands of items you can make from wood. You will need to possess proper woodworking skills to ensure safety while at work and making quality wooden products. 

9. Paper craft
You can make scrapbooks, cards, origami, paper flowers, gift boxes and even paper itself from old books or newspapers.   Does this sound environmental friendly to you?  It does to me, transforming scraps into decorative or useful products is therapeutic and save the earth too. 


10. Artisan bake
Artisan is a term used for hand-made craft and artisan bake refers to taste or process that are allowed to develop slowly and naturally, for example, fermentation.   If you love baking, you might want to upgrade your skills to create food that looks like a piece of art bring your sense of satisfaction to another level.

11. Leather Craft
Leather crafting is the skill of making items from leather.   Items such as bags, belt, book covers, or more artistic items like jewellery can be made from leather.  You will require some leathercraft training understanding the tools and skills needed to make a durable leather product.   

12. Soap
Making a hand soap is one of the easiest craft that you can do together with your children.  DIY soap making kits are available on most online platforms.  Get creative and make beautiful soaps as gift for your family and friends.

The craft list can go on and on, the bottom line is to embark on a craft that you enjoy doing.
If you want to share your crafting stories with this community, email us here. 

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