This policy forms part of our Terms of Service.  By opening a seller account with iTreatz and using iTreatz’s services, you agree to abide by our seller policies and Terms of Service.   Our polices and Terms of Service may change over time, by continuing to use iTreatz’s services you agree to those changes.

Seller who violates the terms in iTreatz’s policies and/or Terms of Service, iTreatz will take immediate actions, including but not limited to any or all of the following:

  1. Remove the listing
  2. Limit account privileges
  3. Suspend and terminate account
  4. Take legal actions

1. Advertising & Marketing Policy

In using iTreatz’s advertising and marketing services, iTreatz reserves the right to change the terms of these marketing campaigns or programmes at any time; to change or terminate any campaign or promotion in part of as a whole at any time.  You will be notified by email via the email address you have registered with iTreatz.

Using iTreatz’s advertising and marketing services does not constitute an obligation on iTreatz’s part to display an advertisement or promote your listings or shops.  iTreatz does not guarantee any clicks, or sales will result from the clicks, on a displayed advertisement or promotion.

You are responsible for ensuring your advertisements, sales campaigns and promotions comply with all applicable law and regulations.   iTreatz reserves the right to reject or remove any advertisements, sales campaigns and promotions for any reason, at our sole discretion.

1.1. Click Ads
iTreatz uses third party partner (off-site) marketing channels, social media platforms and search engines to promote iTreatz website and services on a regular basis.  All sellers are automatically enrolled in off-site advertising services.  In using iTreatz advertising and marketing services, you give permission for iTreatz to post your shops, product and service listings, and/or seller stories on these off-site marketing channels and platforms.

All your shops, product and service listings, and/or seller stories may be used for marketing purposes.  If you make any edits to your listings, the advertisements will be updated to reflect those changes, although they may not be reflected immediately.

iTreatz places advertisements on off-site marketing channels, social media platforms and search engines.  If such advertisement includes your listing and the buyer places order(s) on your shop within 30 days by clicking on the advertisement, you will be charged an advertising fee of 10% of the total sales amount of each completed transaction.   Please refer to the Payment Policy for more information.

1.2. Discount and Coupon
Sellers on iTreatz are given the option to offer promotions that are available on iTreatz platform, for their shops or product listings.  Seller’s campaigns and promotions include discounts, coupons, free shipping, and other marketing campaigns and promotions that iTreatz might implement in the future.

A discount promotion offers discounts on your product listing price by a percentage.  Discount promotions are public and will be displayed to all.   Coupon is an offer via a code that may be redeemed for a discount on an item or free shipping.  You may create and distribute coupons at your discretion.  Coupon offers can be used on multiple listings and on multiple occasions until any expiration date or quantity limit you set when creating the coupon.

You are responsible for setting the terms and conditions of the discount promotions and coupon offers in the ‘Sales details’ section within your shop and/or product listing.  You are also responsible to communicate clearly the terms and conditions for the promotion and offer to your audience, website users and buyers, and iTreatz will not be held responsible for any disputes arise due to the ambiguous or unclear terms and conditions of the promotion and offer you have set up.

While iTreatz platform provides the functions for sellers to set up own discount promotions and coupon offers, sellers are obliged to follow all terms of iTreatz, off-site partners and all laws, including consumer protection law that apply to sales campaigns and promotions in your jurisdiction.

1.3. Ads Me
iTreatz places advertisements on off-site marketing channels, social media platforms and search engines.  You may purchase the Ads Me paid advertising service with iTreatz by filling in a form available in iTreatz platform and submitting it to iTreatz marketing division.  The marketing division will review and notify you via an email on the approval or rejection of your application, or request for more information on the application for further review.

If the application is approved, an invoice issued by iTreatz requesting for payment on the approved Ads Me advertising service.  You must make full payment on the fee specified on the invoice and that the payment be confirmed receipt by iTreatz before the advertisement is being be placed on advertising platforms.  You may make payments to iTreatz via bank transfer or debit/credit card acceptable by iTreatz third party payment channels.  A screenshot of the completed bank transfer transaction or a soft copy of the payment receipt must be emailed to iTreatz referencing iTreatz invoice number.  A payment receipt will be issued and emailed to you once iTreatz confirms payment is received.

1.4. Seller’s Stories
iTreatz provides a platform for Seller to promote their shop and products through blogs.  Seller will be given one free blog post introducing themselves as an individual, their shop and/or the products.  The blog article will be posted on our Seller’s Stories site.  The free blog article (or a page) per shop should contain no more than one thousand (1000) words with no more than two (2) images.   All articles and amendments are subject to approval.

1.5. Violation of Terms
Paid Advertising services are subject to the policies and terms set forth by each participating platform, which may differ from iTreatz’s.  You are responsible for complying with the policies and terms of the participating platform or sites that iTreatz has chosen to advertise with.  If you violates iTreatz’s policies, off-site partners’ policies or iTreatz determines, in its sole discretion, you have provided inappropriate listings or content, you may be prohibited from participating in off-site advertising services.   iTreatz reserves the right to take appropriate action against your account, up to and including limiting access to iTreatz features, account suspension or closure.  You will be charged with all fees and charges related, including advertising fees, penalty charges, lawsuit charges and other fees resulted from the violation.

2. Selling Policy

iTreatz maintains professional and ethical standards in conducting its services.  This policy describes in details the seller shall use to ensure compliance with the policy and other applicable laws.  This policy forms part of the Terms of Service.

2.1. Intellectual Property
iTreatz does not allow the use of Intellectual Property in any manner that is against the applicable law.

You, as the seller, has the responsibility to ensure that the products listed including but not limited to the product contents, images and descriptions, do not infringe IP rights owned by any other party, or that the seller has all necessary rights to their content and that they are not infringing or violating any third party’s rights.    Common examples of infringement include Trademark, Copyright, Design and Patent infringements.

iTreatz reserves the right to disable and remove any product or service listing, shop or seller account for alleged intellectual property infringement when provided with a proper notice.   Further actions may be taken against the seller whom we believe have violated iTreatz Intellectual Property Policy or Terms of Service.

Please refer to the Intellectual Property Policy for more information on how iTreatz address allegations of infringement, how authorised parties can submit proper notices of infringement regarding content on our marketplace, and how sellers can respond when they are affected by a notice.

2.2. Prohibited and Restricted Items
iTreatz welcomes all handmade products to be listed for sale, but will not permit any products that contain or resemble a part of or whole of the following prohibited and restricted items.

  • Alcohol;
  • Animals and Wildlife;
  • Tobacco; tabocco-related items; electric cigarettes;
  • Drugs, Drug paraphernalia; Medicinal Items;
  • Human parts or remains;
  • Credit/Debit cards, Stocks/Shares, Currency Notes/Coin, Store Value cards, Digital Currency, Collectible Stamps, Lottery tickets;
  • Hazardous items or materials, Weapons;
  • Pornography or items or services that promote sexuality;
  • Publications, books, videos, films that do not comply with applicable laws in the country of sale;
  • Any other items that are, or that contain materials and/or components that are illegal or restricted in the country or which otherwise encourage illegal or restricted activities, or determined by local regulatory authority that pose potential health or safety risk.

2.3. Transaction Fee
Transaction fees will occur when you make a sale through iTreatz e-commerce platform.  Transaction fee of 3% of the price you display for each listing plus the amount you charge for personalisation or customisation charges, shipping and delivery, gift wrapping and other miscellaneous charges on the sales, will be charged and deducted from your Seller Funds Account.

2.4. Payment Processing Fee
iTreatz is an e-commerce platform and not a regulated license payment gateway, hence iTreatz uses third party payment gateways to accept and make payments for all online sales and Seller Funds Account transactions.  Payment methods including PayNow (bank transfer), Credit and Debit cards, AliPay and American Express.

Payment processing fees are charged for each transaction made through the third party payment gateways.  All fund transactions include 1) online sales transaction (total sales amount including taxes and other charges), payment issues to sellers and monetary refund issues to buyers from Seller Funds Account.

Fees charge via Credit Cards – 3.90% of the transacted amount + SG$0.30 per transaction

Please refer to the Seller Funds Account and Payment Policy for more information.

2.5. Shipping Admin Fee
Refer to the Section 5.3 Shipping and Delivery Charge, Seller is responsible to update shipment tracking information on the platform for delivery tracking purpose.  iTreatz will deduct ten cents (SG$0.10) per completed transaction from the Shipping Fee collected from the Buyer, balance of the Shipping and Delivery Charge will be transferred to Seller Funds Account.  Please refer to the Terms of Service on when the Buyer’s Purchase Payment will be transferred to the Seller Funds Account.
2.6. Return, Exchange and Refund Policy
iTreatz does not handle the physical product from production to sale and to delivery.  It is the Seller’s responsibility to state their own Return, Exchange and Refund policy in their shop settings according to the nature of the products listed on the Site.
You, as the Seller, assumes responsibility and liability in ensuring that the policy is adhered to and handles any disputes with professionalism, respect and integrity.

3. Seller Code of Conduct

iTreatz provides e-commerce platform to connect buyers and sellers, to share artistic knowledge, to find inspiration and to build handicraft community. Sellers must be 18 years old and above and adhere to the Seller Code of Conduct at all times.

3.1. Seller Code of Conduct
Code of conduct principles outlined below.

• Maintain up-to-date seller account information;
• Keep confidentiality of your seller account information;
• Never misrepresent yourself;
• Never engage in misrepresentation of facts;
• Never indulge in dealings which are in violation of any applicable laws;
• Never provide any misleading, fraudulent, false, unauthorised, illegal information or offensive behaviour;
• Never indulge in unfair trade practices, illegal activities or unfair behaviour

3.2. Community House Rules
• Never share other private or personal information on the public areas of this platform;
• Never spam and/or harass any users;
• Never misuse users’ contact information;
• Never disparage any user, iTreatz employee, iTreatz 3rd party partner, shop, listing, reviews, comments, etc;
• Never publish or post threats of violence;
• Never promote or support hatred and/or discrimination;
• Never use or post abusive, threatening, defamatory, harassing, obscene or vulgar languages, contents, photos, videos, images or icons;
• Never use unsolicited advertising or promotions;
• Never suggest, advise or encourage others to violate any government law and regulations or iTreatz’s policies.

iTreatz reserves the right to disable and remove any product or service listing, shop or seller account for any violations. Further actions may be taken against the seller whom we believe have violated this policy.
If you think any violation has occurred, please report it to iTreatz by emailing to

4. Taxes

You, as a seller, are responsible for collecting and paying any taxes associated with using and making sales through iTreatz’s services if you are a GST registered entity in Singapore.
While iTreatz is required to collect payments from the buyers on your behalf, iTreatz will not charge GST to your buyer on your behalf. Under Singapore’s Goods and Services Act, all prices displayed, advertised, published over the internet for any supply of goods or services should be inclusive of GST if you are a GST registered entity in Singapore.
iTreatz is not responsible for filing or pay any taxes to revenue authorities on your behalf. Please refer to Income Tax Act and Goods and Services (GST) Act for more information on your obligations as a tax residence and an e-commerce seller.

5. Invoices

You, as the Seller, are responsible for paying any fees owned in full immediately from the invoice date. iTreatz will confirm payment receipt upon receiving the funds in our bank account. If the payment are not received into our bank account within five (5) work days, the account will be considered past due, and iTreatz may take actions to collect funds as laid out in the Terms of Service.

6. Shipping & Delivery

iTreatz while providing e-commerce platform and services to seller, we do not operate warehousing, shipping, delivery and shipment tracking, hence, we are not responsible for inventory, shipment and delivery tracking of your products.   Seller may choose to use any shipping and delivery vendor available in their country, and agree to these terms when selling on iTreatz.   You, as a seller, are responsible for dispatching sold items to buyers and ensuring the engaged logistics vendor delivers the item to the destination stated on the waybill.  Seller will pay delivery charges directly to the logistics vendor the seller has chosen to use.

  • Set up at least two preferred delivery options for buyer to choose from during the product listing process;
  • Include the shipping and delivery charges in your product price as iTreatz is not responsible for billing or collecting the delivery charges from the buyer on your behalf;
  • Comply with all local and international shipping and delivery regulations;
  • Package the product in a secured and durable packaging, properly labelled with standard packaging labels (for example, fragile, bulk package, avoid water, this side up, etc) where applicable;
  • Print “dispatch from” and “deliver to” addresses clearly on the waybill;
  • Adhere to the shipping and delivery regulations and requirements specified by the logistics vendor you have chosen to use;
  • Update the waybill number and/or tracking number on the order clearly on iTreatz shipping and delivery section;
  • Dispatch items within the specified processing lead time after order is received from buyer.

6.1. Delivery Methods and Tracking
Default shipping and delivery methods will be made available on iTreatz e-commerce platform for seller to set up their preferred methods during their product listing process. The shipping and delivery functions on iTreatz platform will allow sellers to input waybill or tracking number, and send email notifications of the delivery to both buyer and seller.

By entering tracking information or delivery confirmation on iTreatz, you are giving us the permission to collect and share this data received from your chosen carrier with the buyer.

6.2. Delivery Insurance
It is the seller’s responsibility to check with your chosen carrier directly on the available delivery insurance and purchase the delivery insurance directly with your chosen carrier where applicable.

6.3. Shipping and Delivery Charge
Shipping and delivery of products to the buyer is the responsibility of the seller and the seller may choose to use their preferred carriers. Hence, seller will also be responsible to pay shipping and delivery costs directly to the carriers that the seller has chosen to use. Shipping and Delivery charges should then be incorporated and included in the product price as displayed in the listing.

iTreatz will apply a Shipping fee of one Singapore dollar (SG$1.00) on all sales transactions and will be shown in the final checkout page, as part of the total sales amount that the buyer will have to pay upon checkout. Such shipping fee applies to all orders.

6.4. Free Shipping
If seller choose to offer free shipping on their orders, seller agrees to absorb the shipping admin fee of SG$0.10 charged by iTreatz, they may add in “Free Shipping” option in their product listing. The shipping admin fee of SG$0.10 will be charged to the seller by iTreatz, and will be deducted from Seller Funds Account after each transaction is completed. This is a service fee charged by iTreatz that will not be refunded to the seller once the order is paid by the buyer into the Buyer’s Protection account.

When iTreatz offers a “Free Shipping” promotion across the platform for all orders for a certain period of time, the shipping fee of SG$1.00 will not be charged to the buyer should they place and confirm their orders on the platform within the specified promotion period. All sellers will be automatically enrolled into this promotion and will not be charged on the shipping admin fee of SG$0.10 should they receive the orders from the buyer on iTreatz platform within the specified promotion period.

6.5. Dispute Resolution
In the event where the item does not arrive at the buyer, the buyer has the right to file a case against you, the seller. The buyer may contact you directly or submit a Non-delivery case form to iTreatz where we will re-direct the case to you. Buyer’s order payments will be put on hold under Delivery Warranty until such time where buyer has confirmed receipt of the items and the case file is closed without further resolution, or when the case is closed under circumstances described below.

You are required to response within 2 working days with proof of dispatch showing delivery to address and tracking number or tracking information that shows the package was delivered to the buyer. You may contact the delivery carrier directly to open a claim and obtain the tracking information that shows the package was delivered to the buyer.

iTreatz reserves the right to escalate the case for circumstances resulted from the buyer’s initial case filed with you. iTreatz may close or resolve a case due to lack of participation from either party.

If a delivery dispute case remains unresolved for more than a year (360 days), it will be considered to be a late delivery and the case will be closed with a full refund by the seller to the buyer.

7. Seller Funds Account and Payment Policy

Each registered seller will have a Seller Funds Account in their seller account.   Seller Funds Account is used to receive sales proceeds and seller may request to withdraw the funds by submitting a withdrawal request.
7.1. Sales Proceeds
The Buyer’s Purchase Payment will be released from the Buyer’s Protection account and deposit into Seller Funds Account upon receiving the Buyer’s review or upon the Buyer’s Protection expired, whichever comes first (refer to the Delivery section under the Terms of Service for more information), and after deducting the transaction fee, payment process fee, Click Ads fee (if any) and shipping admin fee.

7.2. Delivery Insurance
Seller will submit a withdrawal request for requested amount to be transferred from the Seller Funds Account to their bank account. This service is only available via PayNow transfer to a Singapore local bank. The requested withdrawal amount is limited to the available balance (after deducting any due invoices the Seller owed to iTreatz) in the Seller Funds Account at the point of withdrawal request submission.

It is the seller’s responsibility to ensure that the bank account information provided are correct prior to submitting the withdrawal request. iTreatz will not be held responsible for incorrect bank information provided, and will charge seller for any additional costs or penalties for transaction reversal and resubmission.

Each seller is entitled to a single withdrawal request every seven (7) days without payment processing fee. A payment processing fee of one percent (1%) of requested withdrawn amount will be charged to the seller per additional withdrawal request. The payment processing fees will be deducted from withdrawal amount accordingly on the day the funds are transferred to your bank account.

In the event where Seller Funds Account does not contain sufficient funds, withdrawal request will not be permitted.

All withdrawal requests will be processed every Tuesday. It may take a 2-3 days for the bank to process the transfer request and credit the your bank account. You may report by email to iTreatz, within three (3) workdays, of any discrepancy you found on the amount received in your bank account.