Top 10 Methods to Wake Up your Creativity DNA

Children read story books and their imaginations can run wild.   Adults are preoccupied with realities in life that our creativity DNA becomes dormant or inactive.  I believe if you give yourself a chance and follow these top 10 methods, you can wake up your creativity DNA in no time. 

1. Workout
It sounds just right that your overall health matters.  Simple and regular workouts like brisk walking, cycling, aerobics, even yoga help build up your physical health and relieve your mind from work stress.  You will be surprised how your mind will wander into the creative world during these workouts.

2. Read books
Some read for leisure, some for self-help and some for knowledge.  There are more than enough reasons you can think of why you should read books, one of them is to be creative.  Researchers found that reading fiction books can help you be open-minded and creative.   

Photo by Patrick Tomasso at FIKA Café on Unsplash

3. Pick up a hobby
One other way to increase your creativity is to pick up a hobby that can help you relieve work stress and make you look forward to doing it daily.  By helping you engaged in something you enjoy doing, you can cultivate a positive mindset in your hobby and brings out the creativity in you. 

Photo by Elaine Casap on Unsplash


4. Gather with loved ones and friends
If possible arrange a weekly meet up with loved ones and friends over tea party, dinner or even picnic.  You can take this opportunity to cook up a feast and bake pastries to share and get face-to-face feedback from them.   Gatherings and conversations are important source of idea collections too. 

 5. Visit the museum
Museum are where creative projects are showcase.   Most of these places have serene environment that keeps your mind calm during the visit.  The exhibits are usually carefully displayed with simple write-ups.  The environment at the museum will somehow lead you into a world full of imaginations. 

Photo by Arseny Togulev on Unsplash


6. Search online
There are tons of data and images that you can search online if you have run out of creative ideas.   From reading blogs to online shopping, the internet is going to lead you on and on no-stop.  Set yourself a target or an objective before you start searching for information online.  The target setting will keep you on track and not drag you out of zone land. 

 7. Sign up art and craft classes
Is there an interest on a particular craft or hobby that you want to expand your knowledge on how you can be creative or turn it into a business?  Do not hesitate about attending classes.  We are never too old to learn new knowledge or skills.   Soon you will find innovative ideas keep popping up from that one particular course you have attended. 

8. Outdoor
Travel and discover things that you might not normally see at home.  Due to COVID-19 pandemic, travelling might be an issue especially during lockdown.  This can be replaced by driving or cycling around your neighbourhood or furthest you can reach to get some fresh air, clear your mind and view the scenery for inspirations.  It works all the time for me. 

Photo by Bna Ignacio on Unsplash


 9. Write down thoughts
Our mind is so powerful that it creates thoughts continuously even in your sleep.  These thoughts come from even the smallest thing you encounter daily.  Do not underestimate how these thoughts can transform into creative projects.  However they come and disappear real quick, capture it by writing it down somewhere.   Do this regularly and look back at your notes daily or weekly to capture creative ideas you might not have noticed when you noted it down earlier.   


Photo by Corina Rainer on Unsplash 

 10. Help someone
When someone needs help, a problem exist.  Your kindness will want you to think of a solution to the problem.   Problem solving encourages you to see the problem from a different perspective and come up with innovative solutions.  So go out there and offer your help. 

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